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1. Pre-Requisites to Use this Website

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2. Scope of this Agreement

2.1. This agreement governs the entirety of this website. All of the elements listed or not listed below appearing anywhere on this website are subject to this agreement:

  • Text/statements/articles.
  • Images/Banners/Ads/ any other Graphic material.
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3. Intention/Purpose/Use of this Website

3.1. The sole purpose of this website is to share our own experiences, thoughts and opinions with the readers of this website. These may or may not be always correct.

3.2. The purpose of this website at no time is to influence, impact or change in any way, any impression, ideas, or decisions (related or not related to the content of this website) that a reader of this website may have prior to visiting this website.

3.3 By using this website, you agree that you solely will be responsible for all your future decisions and/or actions (related or not related to the subjects/topics discussed on this website). Your further agree that you will not let any information available in any form on this website influence any of your choices (related or not related to Online Gambling) in anyway.

4. Accuracy / Correctness of Data

4.1. “Data” here (throughout this agreement) denotes any data either textual, graphical, or in any other form available anywhere on this website.

4.2. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any data available anywhere on this website. The presented data either may be misinterpreted/wrongly understood, not found, or just wrongly presented.

4.3. The data presented on this website is not to be taken as absolute. Number of Games, Features, Licensing, Provability and all other aspects of an Online gambling platform are subject to change at the casino’s own discretion. Hence, it is your duty to verify and obtain the correct information before making any decisions related to any platform/casino/website presented on this website.

4.4. The positive, as well as negative experiences/features mentioned are isolated to our own experiences and time on these casinos. They may not be universally true.

4.5. The Comparison Sheet presented to visitors consists of many single-word indications. The proper meaning of those indications may not always be clear, and hence are explained here :

  • “Optional”– When appearing in context of “Identity Verification”, This word means KYC or other kinds of verifications “may” be required at a later time.
  • “Not Required”– When appearing in context of “Identity Verification”, This word means chances of a KYC-verification by the website for which this indication has been made are either completely null (0), or very rare. They are however always a possibility.
  • N/A– When appearing anywhere on the comparison sheet, this indication means the information is not available or was not available to us during the time of our research. It is not to be confused with the meaning of “NO”.
  • No”– When appearing in context of “Provability”/ “Provably Fair”, this indication means that Provability information was not available to us during our time of research for that particular website. It does not mean that the website is Not Provably fair.
  • No indications/information on the comparison sheet are claimed to be absolutely correct. There may be errors, or errors in our understanding. These are not to be used as decisive-factors while choosing Online Casinos.

5. Links

5.1. This website contains links to third-party websites/platforms/casinos. We have absolutely no control over these third-party websites and the content hosted there.

5.2. Linking to those websites does not in any way mean we endorse, or support them in any way (unless explicitly mentioned).

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6. Financial Aspects

Section “6” would cover any and all content found on this website in any way related to money (both Cryptocurrencies, and Fiats).

6.1. No part of this website, or element on this website in any way encourages you to get involved in any kind of financial activity (including, but not limited to Gambling).

6.2. We are no financial experts and we do not claim to be. Any decision and responsibility of investing in Bitcoin /any other Cryptocurrency, or Casinos (including but not limited to Cryptocurrency Casinos/ Fiat Casinos / offline Casinos, any other form of gambling) is solely your own.

6.3. Any financial profits/losses incurred as a result of either direct or indirect impact of this agreement is not our responsibility.

 7. Affiliate Disclosure and Terms

7.1. We at times may receive compensations (financial or otherwise) for reviewing Casinos, linking to third-parties or modifying our content in various ways.

7.2. The duration of such reviews/links being present on this website shall be pre-specified in the E-mail or other forms of communication between the proposer (person proposing the deal), and the website administrators. It is the duty of the “Proposer” to specify the required time-frame.

7.3. In the event of no time-frame being specified or demanded by the proposer, the duration of the content being live on this website will be at sole discretion of the website administrators.

 8. Disclaimer

8.1. We do not aim to undermine the reputation/image/impression/market value of any Casino included on this website.

8.2. Any statement on this website, excluding this agreement which may be in contrast to clause 8.1 is purely co-incidental, unintentional, and/or based on our personal experiences.

8.3. We hold absolutely no responsibility for any user/visitor making decisions regarding Cryptocurrencies/Online Casinos resulting either directly or indirectly from information available on this website.

8.4. We neither promote/nor condemn Online/Cryptocurrency Gambling. Every single element on this website is purely and solely for educational purposes. Deriving any other conclusions, or using said “education” in any way is solely the users responsibility.

 9. Copyrights

9.1. We do not own or claim to own the Copyrights of any graphical element ((Images/videos/logos etc). presented on this website (unless stated otherwise).

9.2. All copyrighted content (if any) without proper accreditations is only a result of proper copyright information not being available to us in a usable format. Please E-mail us at [email protected] and if copyright ownership can be proved, we will update the copyright details on this website.

9.3. We do own Copyrights to every single article (textual) published on this website, including this agreement. Copying any part of said information without written consent will be considered a copyright infringement.

10. Applicable Laws and Modifications

10.1. This agreement is subject to the following laws:

  • All global laws.
  • All local laws.
  • The laws applicable in the country/state of a visitor visiting this website/agreement.

10.2. Any part of this agreement may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the website administrators, with or without prior notice. It is your duty to verify your compliance with this agreement every time you visit this website.