How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino?

We’ve enlisted over 50 Bitcoin Casinos in our list, and we’ll only be extending that list from here on (out). It obviously doesn’t mean all of those Casinos would suit you or your needs best.

There are a couple factors which you should consider before deciding which Casino you’d like to gamble on.

  • Geographic Availability: The first factor you should consider is the Casino’s availability in your country/region. Not all Casinos are available globally, infact most have a restricted-areas’ list. You can go through our individual reviews of each casino to see if they’re available in your region. Or you can contact the Casino support team and confirm the availability. It also can be found in the T&C of most Casinos.
  • KYC Requirements: If you love anonymity as much as we do, one of the very first things you should verify is the Casino’s KYC requirements. Does it require KYC? If yes, under which circumstances? What are the limits for non-KYC accounts. You can refer to our individual reviews where we’ve included these information in extensive detail for most Casinos.
  • Provability: You need to ensure that the Casino you’re playing on is Provably fair.
  • Minimum Limits: You need to know if the minimum limits (both deposit and withdrawal) set by the Casino are affordable and favourable to you. It’s disappointing if you win USD $100 but a Casino allows only USD $250+ withdrawal, isn’t it?
  • Accepted Modes of Payments: Verify if a Casino accepts Fiat payments on top of Cryptocurrencies. Also, verify the exact Cryptocurrencies accepted because if you have XMR but the Casino doesn’t accept it, exchanging one currency for another will consume money and time.
  • Licensing: Verify that a Casino is licensed, if it’s not licensed it may not be fair at all or may be a total scam and refuse to pay out or allow withdrawals. (Here’s a guide on How to Verify a Bitcoin Casino’s License).

That should be about it. If you’ve gone through all the points and they’re acceptable to you, you won’t have difficulty choosing your new favourite gambling platform.