How to Register on a Bitcoin Casino?

This probably is the basic(est) and easiest thing to do on a Bitcoin Casino. But in case you’re an absolute newcomer we’re here to help. Also there are additional precautions we believe you should be aware of.

The fastest way to get this done is, go to the Casino homepage and locate a “Register / Signup” button.

Enter your details, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and simply click on Sign Up.

In most cases, only an E-mail ID and a Password is required. However at times mobile numbers, country of residence and other details may be asked for as well.

Note that while registering on Bitcoin Casinos, try to enter real data in fields such as “name” and “address”, this is because Casinos may require document-verification later hence using Pseudonyms here slightly complicates the process.

Obviously if you see a field marked “username”, that’s something which can be completely random and not-true.

Goes without saying but, try not to forget your username and password, not only because you may have funds on a Casino, but because most Casinos do not allow more than one account on one IP address or for one person.

So if you forget the login details and can not recover it, there’s every chance you may never be allowed to play on the Casino again.