How to Deposit/Withdraw Funds to Bitcoin Casino?

The deposit/withdrawal method on a Cryptocurrency casino is in most ways similar to depositing funds on an E-commerce website or paying for your Utility bill.

Let’s break this into two sections, one for Deposit and one for Withdrawal each. Although before doing anything else, log in to your accounts.

How to Deposit Funds to a Bitcoin Casino

Most Casinos make it fairly simple. In the user accounts, simply locate a “deposit/funds/wallet/cashier/Cashbox” option (it differs for each Casino).

If this is your first time, most casinos display the Deposit button promptly either using a Pop-up or highlighting it in some other ways.

Or in other cases, just find the USD ($), EUR (€),or the other symbols indicating “Cash/money”.

Clicking on the option should take you to a deposit page which generally lists all the ways you can deposit your money with.

Enter any required details (amounts/ phone numbers/ address) and then choose the method/payment processor you’d like to use:

The casino should either display a deposit address (in case of Cryptocurrencies):

Or, in case of Fiat deposits, the next steps may vary depending on the site. In most cases, you’d be taken to the payment processor’s login page where you login to your account and make the transaction.

In other cases, you’d be asked to enter your login e-mail ID for the payment processor right on the Casino’s deposit page:

On in case of direct card transactions, you’d be asked for the card details, then redirected to the OTP-verification page to complete the payment.

Either way, once you’re on the deposit page the process is pretty self-explanatory, or you’d find a live-support to help you with the deposit on most Established casinos.

How to Withdraw funds from a Cryptocurrency Casino?

The steps to withdraw funds from a Casino are pretty much similar to depositing funds.

The first step is locating that “withdrawal/cashout” option. In most cases, it’s on the same page as the deposit or you can click on the “deposit” option and generally find the Withdrawal option right there.

Once you’ve located it, you need to agree to whatever withdrawal requirements are there for the Casino. Some Casinos like mBitCasino only allow withdrawals via the same method which was used while deposits (and also require KYC details):

While there are others which are more liberal and let you cash your funds out via other methods as well. In either case, select your withdrawal method and fill out the required details:

That should be all, the cashout should be processed in a timely manner if you’re on one of reputed Casinos in the industry.